About Us

Brennan's Sports was founded to provide sports fans with authentic autographed sports memorabilia at a price you can afford. Everyone is a sports fan and there's no better way for a fan to show support of their favorite team or player than autographed sports memorabilia. We know how you feel when buying autographed memorabilia to add to your collection, or as a gift for a special person. With Brennan's Sports, you don't have to worry. We acquire all of our autographed items from paid autograph signings. We have representatives present at these signings to witness the items being signed by the athlete(s) for you. All the items we offer are authenticated by the best in the world. When you buy from us, you can rest assured that the autograph on the item you receive is 100% GENUINE. We're an online only store which allows us to offer affordable prices. You might see our items all over the internet, but your best bet is to buy directly from us. So please, throw the worrying out the window, and start shopping at!